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Screenshot-20220809-151951When is Miraculous Day?

8th August is officially the International Miraculous Day and alot of spoilers were revealed which I will cover in this post. First of All this image was revealed which is probably from Jubilation episode and it looks like it’s Darker Owl’s hand. Some scripts,theories(fanfics or real) and Phrases were also revealed by Mundo Gloob channel during their Miraculous Day session.


Narrator: Only then does the trapdoor open.We see Alya in her pajamas holding a tray,with two cups of tea,slices of fruit and two warm croissants. 

Alya: Hey! Your father gave me these croissa- (pauses) 

Narrator: She suddenly stops and drops the tray when she sees Monarch.An intense moment of astonishment.Marinette,Alya and Monarch exchange tense looks.Monarch immediately threatens Alya. 

Monarch: You,You know who ladybug is!!! 

Narrator: Alya puts herself together immediately and vigorously denies it.

Alya: No I don’t know. Narrator: She pulls out her cellphone to film.

Alya: But now she’ll know where you are. 

Narrator: Monarch jumps in surprise and walks away! And when Alya turns the phone to herself,she comments on the scene like a true reporter. 

(Summary) Alya catches Monarch in Marinette’s room and he says that Alya knows where Ladybug is. Alya takes out her cell phone to record everything and reveal to Ladybug where Monarch is. FanFacto or FanFic?


★ “Your Secrets are mine soon your miraculous too” (Idk if Monarch is saying this to marinette but imagine Lie-La saying it to Gabriel)
★ “Your heart has been hurt,you’ll never be able to use the power of second chance again” ( to Luka?)
★ “Maybe it’s time to stop chasing miraculous” (Gabriel?)
★ “You took a big risk, and it had a disastrous result” (Nathalie?)


Gloob said that Félix could team up with his uncle now he’s the holder of peacock miraculous, and they would become the new “Hawk Moth and Mayura” . Both would try to bring loved ones back, Gabriel trying to save Emilie and Felix trying to “recreate” his father
Gloob also mentioned that if Adrien impersonates Félix as Félix did, he could investigate Félix’s partnership with Monarch and discover the whole truth, and then…. Something catastrophic would happen 😱
Fabrício himself (Adrien’s VA), said at the beginning of the live stream that Gloob sometimes show spoilers in their theories.
Another theory was also released;

Will Chloe become Queen Bee in Season 5?

images-21Adrien and Marinette walking together in the square,Chloe with the bee miraculous spying.Adrien tries to show his feelings to Marinette but Marinette is avoiding Adrien.In the end Marinette kisses Adrien.Fanfacto or Fanfic? Will Chloe be Queen Bee again and work for Monarch? Why is she Spying on them?

This might just be a fanfic but one thing is for sure that Chloe will be a villain in Season 5 as she teamed up with Lie-La in Penalteam Episode and she might become Queen Bee again in Season 5 but not as a superhero but as a villain working with Monarch.

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