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Such A Nice Day Which Ends Prologue

Such a Nice Day (which ends): Prologue 

Such-A-Nice-Day-Which-Ends-Prologue-gabenath-miraculousladybug-miraculous-miraculousfanart-hawkmoth-Such-A-Nice-Day-Which-Ends-Prologue-gabenath-miraculousladybug-miraculous-miraculousfanart-hawkmoth-Such-A-Nice-Day-Which-Ends-Prologue-gabenath-miraculousladybug-miraculous-miraculousfanart-hawkmoth-Such-A-Nice-Day-Which-Ends-Prologue-gabenath-miraculousladybug-miraculous-miraculousfanart-hawkmoth-Such-A-Nice-Day-Which-Ends-Prologue-gabenath-miraculousladybug-miraculous-miraculousfanart-hawkmoth-Such-A-Nice-Day-Which-Ends-Prologue-gabenath-miraculousladybug-miraculous-miraculousfanart-hawkmoth-Such-A-Nice-Day-Which-Ends-Prologue-gabenath-miraculousladybug-miraculous-miraculousfanart-hawkmoth-Credit: @mogzed on Instagram

SUCH A NICE DAY (which ends) is a Miraculous Ladybug fan comics centered around antagonists Nathalie Sancoeur and Gabriel Agreste. Summary : Nathalie has always been a figure of a strong minded woman. So why does it look like she is slowly breaking down ? Will Gabriel notice in time or is he too absorbed by his goal and the blooming feelings in his heart ? How will it lead to the most powerful being ever created ? Trigger Warning Such A Nice Day (which Ends) comes from Mylène Farmer’s song “C’est une Belle Journée” which a very sad song inside a cute melody so please be warned it’s an overall angsty story.

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