Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 9 Elation English Dub

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 9 Elation English Dub WHAT-ARE-YOUR-THOUGHTS-ABOUT-ELATION-GUYS-miraculousladybug-news-spoilers-miraculousnews-miraculous-

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When Ladybug chases after Cat Noir, he runs away from her. When Adrien chases
after Marinette, she runs away from him. Tikki and Alya grow increasingly concerned
as they watch Marinette’s moves: is their friend looking for yet another excuse to run
away from her feelings for Adrien, or is she really falling for another boy? When they
cross paths with Andre the ice-cream maker – whose ice cream is supposed to know
and reveal the mysteries of love – Marinette and Cat Noir make a chilling discovery
that will freeze their hearts!


André is akumatized into Glaciator (for the third time as Glaciator 3)


As the episodes name is Elation and this season is kwami themed it is safe to assume that Glaciator will be given the powers of Tiger Miraculous through the Alliance Ring by Monarch!!!

As we know we always see more of Marichat in the Glaciator episodes and as it is in the synopsis Marinette and Catnoir make a chilling discovery that will freeze their hearts so basically Ladybug/Marinette is falling in love with Catnoir rather than Adrien and Catnoir/Adrien is falling in Love with Marinette rather than Ladybug *Uno Reverse Card* xd so the Love Square is reversed.I’m really excited for this episode mainly due to Marichat scenes and there is no official release date of the episode yet.So keep visiting the website for latest updates and I will update about the release date whenever it gets confirmed.

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