Miraculous Season 5 Official Titles Revealed – Miraculous Season 5 Episode List

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Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 

Hey Miraculers! I have a surprise for you that will make you speechless.We saw the season 4 finale only a short time ago and it seemed like there is a long hiatus and spoiler free silence but no today! because i have in my hands the EXCLUSIVE official titles of all episodes of SEASON 5 of Miraculous! Some of them are so mysterious I’m sure lot’s of theories are going to be produced .

First of all there will be 27 episodes not 26 as in the previous seasons! In addition there will be  2 two-parters instead of one; “The Kwamis” & “The Last Day”.The season finale is usually 25-26 but not this time.Note that episode 27 Action comes after episode 26 The Last Day.

Most Episodes of Season 5 are named after the superpowers of the miraculouses.In the season 4 finale, shadowmoth got his hands on all of the miraculouses in ladybugs yoyo.Therefore we can assume that almost every episode will be about returning of one particular miraculous.

So, episode Evolution hints at the Rabbit Miraculous,episode Multiplication hints at the Mouse Miraculous,episode Jubilation hints at the Pig Miraculous,episode Illusion hints at the fox miraculous,episode Determination hints at the Ox miraculous,episode Passion hints at the Goat Miraculous,episode Exaltation hints at the Tiger Miraculous.

Episode Perfection at the Dragon Miraculous,episode Migration at the Horse Miraculous,episode Derision at the Monkey Miraculous,episode Intuition at the Snake Miraculous,episode Protection at the Turtle Miraculous,episode Adoration at the Dog Miraculous,episode Emotion at the Peacock Miraculous,episode Pretention at the Rooster Miraculous,episode Action at the Bee Miraculous.

Ironically,the information in the official kwami artbook which many thought was a mistake turns out to be canon.In particular according to the artbook Pollen,Kaalki & Xuppu are the kwamis of Action,Migration & Derision respectively not Domination,Teleportation & Perturbation as everyone previously thought.

Note the titles of 3rd episode Destruction and 26th episode Re-Creation clearly alluding to Catnoir & Ladybug’s miraculouses.These powers are not considered lost,but the episode titles are clearly given for a Reason! what do you expect from these episodes?

Finally an episode that you should definitely pay attention to is episode 20 Revelation.Is it a hint at real reveal of Adrien & Marinette’s personalities.Let’s hope it’s not a “WHAT IF” episode.

There is not much to say about the rest of episodes due to complete lack of context but I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments regarding these titles and what might happen in these episodes.Because I don’t know what to say,I’m about to Die.

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