100th Episode Theory

Miraculous – Season 5 Episode 21 Dear Family IMG-20210825-WA0001

♡ We all know Adrien and Marinette were together in alternative timeline, but that was not the right time for them. “Chat Blanc” was episode 22 in Season 3. For me, this is the darkest episode so far in the entire show. We saw how Adrien and Marinette reacted when they discovered their identities and how they acted as a couple, how Gabriel reacted when he found out Chat Noir was his son, also how Adrien reacted when he found out his father was Hawkmoth and his agenda, and most of all it showed the consequences of all these events where it leave fatal damage and casualties which triggered end of the world. This intrigue me of what will happen in episode 22 this season 4. Could it be darker than Chat Blanc? Or it will be just another different episode we never had? But who knows, because I believe, it was never a coincidence “Chat Blanc” was episode 22 in Season3, and the same time 22nd episode in Season 4 will be the 100th episode of entire show.

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