Adoration Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 17 English Dub

Miraculous Season 5 Episode 17 Adoration Synopsis:

When Marinette and Zoe are chosen to organize the end-of-school-year party, Marinette learns that Zoe is secretly in love with someone in ninth grade at school. Zoe says that she cannot talk about it. To Marinette, this can only mean one thing: Zoe is in love with Adrien! But before she finds out whether she is right or not, a common enemy of the girls will try to ruin their beautiful friendship…

Miraculous Season 5 Episode 17 Adoration Villain:

Sabrina Raincomprix gets akumatized into Vanisher with the powers of Dog miraculous “Adoration”

Miraculous Season 5 Episode 17 Adoration:

Chloe’s butler’s name is Armand; he’s the only person who cares for Chloe. More about this will be brought up in the episode “Adoration”.

Zoe has feelings for Marinette, but she doesn’t dare to tell her. This will also come up in episode “Adoration”.


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