Transmission (The Kwamis Choice – Part 1) – Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 10

Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Episode 10 Transmission English Dub Screenshot-20220803-235524


It’s the same thing every time. Be it as Marinette and Adrien or as Ladybug and CatNoir, our heroes’ secret identities always prevent them from having a romance. Tikki and Plagg are sorry to see their holders so sad to have to give up on their feelings.So, the kwamis make a drastic choice that will change many a thing in Paris…


Unknown (But Possible Guess is Bob Roth)


The Kwamis will choose new holders basically new Ladybug and Catnoir which we will reveal in our next post stay tuned for that!!!


We know that Season 5 is Kwami themed and every episode is named after a Kwami’s Power and This Episodes name is Transmission which is the Symbol of the Butterfly Kwami;

images-17But I’m pretty sure that Monarch will not transfer his own powers to the villain and we can see that the villain has the protection shield on his head Power of Turtle Kwami aka Wayzz.So he does give him the powers of Protection through Alliance rings but for what purpose is it on his head? Probably because the akuma is in his helmet maybe.Every episode of Season 5 seems really Interesting and I can’t wait for more Season 5 Episodes.Release Date of this episode will be uploaded on this website soon.Stay tuned for that and to know the next Ladybug and Catnoir!!!

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